MYUUA started in April 2021 as a pouch brand that expresses world cultures and the emotions associated with them through embroidery.
With the theme of "Glamorous Soul," we develop miscellaneous goods with colorful color schemes and embroidery expressing the exciting memories we felt while traveling.
From the 2023 SS season, MYUUA continues to evolve as a brand, including the launch of its first apparel lineup and the launch of a jewelry line.

The etymology of MYUUA is a coined word created using the alphabet of the designer's name to express the impression of sound and friendliness, so we can express the beauty and cuteness of the world through MYUUA without being too proud. By expressing fun in a single item, you can enjoy a borderless, international feel.

We would like to once again introduce MYUUA's pick-up products.

China Series Mooncake Pouch ¥3,500
A pouch with the motif of mooncake, a Chinese confectionery that represents China and is popular all over the world! It's really cute, isn't it?
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Taiwan series Lu Rohan pouch ¥3,300
There are 3 new products in the new Taiwan series.
We express the local food and atmosphere of Taiwan through embroidery.
A pouch with embroidery detailing every single grain of rice from Lu Rohan, a popular dish in Japan!
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Taiwan series tissue pouch ¥2,800
This is also a new Taiwan series pouch.
This is an embroidered reproduction of the signboard of a local food restaurant in Taiwan, with menus in red letters lined up on yellow fabric. The highlights are the bright coloring and red tassels.
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Hong Kong series square pouch neon ¥3,200
A popular item since MYUUA's debut! A square pouch that faithfully reproduces the neon lights that shine on the city at night.
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Thai Series Teenu Tote Bag ¥4,900
The only tote bag made in collaboration with MYUUA. The menu of Teenun, famous for Thai cuisine, is embroidered.The 330,000 stitches of embroidery is truly impressive.
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An open collar shirt inspired by vintage bowling shirts and aloha shirts. Although it has a boy's silhouette, the slit at the hem and the drape of the rayon material give it a feminine feel.
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JAPAN HOODIE・BLACK (Japan Hoodie・Black) ¥11,900
Embroidered with the Japanese lucky charm "rake."It is characterized by its voluminous embroidery and cute design. It has a unique design that is sure to stand out.
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< br>JAPAN LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT ・WHITE (Japan long sleeve T-shirt) ¥9,900
The popular JAPAN design is now available in a long T-shirt. Although it is a Japanese icon, it has a somewhat Mexican design. The fluorescent orange thread is used as an accent color, creating a design and color that attracts the viewer.
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