One of Machikado Gallery's popular products, the Gyoza Manchuria collaboration product, will be discontinued at the end of March.

Among Gyoza's Manchuria collaboration products, two items are very popular!
We created the most realistic gyoza pouch in Japan by paying close attention to the texture of the gyoza skin, and creating many patterns for the grilled color, checking with Manchuria Gyoza to find the most delicious grilled color!

Also, the gyoza pouch has gotten bigger! ?
Giant dumpling pouch with blanket!

In addition to this popular item, key chains, tote bags, glasses, and T-shirts will also be discontinued at the end of March.

You can purchase it from the online shop AtOn50, this news.

Click here for the Gyoza Manchuria series

All products have a limited quantity and will end as soon as they are gone.
If you are even slightly interested, please hurry.

Thank you for your cooperation.