In April 2021, MYUUA was launched as a brand of embroidered pouches that express the cultures of the world and the emotions that they bring with them. The brand has continued to evolve with the introduction of MYUUA's first line of apparel and the start of a jewelry line in the 2023 SS season. The word "MYUUA" was coined from the alphabet of the designer's name to express the impression of sound and friendliness. Please enjoy the borderless and international world of MYUUA.
Machikado Garo
Machikado Gallery is a brand with a new approach to conveying the charm of "Machikado," a place filled with history and culture. Machikado is art! we aim to develop products that are interesting and cute, and that are not bound by formality, through free thinking and expression of locally loved local businesses and vanishing facets of the Showa era. The logo expressing such a brand was designed by art director Tetsuya Chihara. There is no other product in the world that has been planned and developed together with this idea and with a famous store in the town. We will deliver items that are loved by the locals, and that will make people nostalgic even when they are away from their hometowns.
Wrap Pack
Wrap Pack, a new brand from MYUUA, is a new type of carrying case that includes card cases, pen cases, pouches, etc. It is highly fashionable with unique color variations that are typical of MYUUA, and also features a sense of material made from packing materials. The material is also characterized by its texture. It also serves as a shock-absorbing cushioning material and is functional as well. It is also very useful as stationery, for everyday use, and as a travel companion.
A new brand of carrying case that expresses the cuteness of American POP and classic candy packaging. The key point is that it has two see-through, two-color pockets, and the overlapping part is also a third color. Convenient for sorting stationery. The large size pocket can also hold a smartphone. By utilizing the loop ties on both sides, you can attach a key ring or use it as a shoulder pochette. 3 different types of fabrics make this item an interesting mix of different materials and can be used in various situations.
Decopin is a brand that expresses various things from around the world in the world of pins. The puffy epoxy resin pins are designed to blend in as a fashion item. By expressing the beauty, cuteness, and fun of the world in a single item, we express a borderless world.