"MUG is a Small Art" is a project run by Killy & Associates, with directors Isao Kameyama and Kazutomo Niwa.

* Kiley & Associates is the operating company of AtOn50 .

<Harmony> brings people's essential richness, peace of mind, and creates connections.
We have selected mugs with the ingenuity of the pottery, so that you can enjoy TEA TIME with comfort and style.

■Sawarabi kiln
■Seto main business kiln■Raijingu kiln

With the theme of history, culture, gourmet food, fashion and "nice things",
The event will be held until the end of January 2023 at CHICABA, a place where you can experience new values ​​and make someone's day a little more enjoyable.


3-5-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8551

TEL  03-5704-8357