From February 17th (Saturday) to February 29th (Thursday), the Machikado Gallery POPUP shop will be open at the 1F entrance of Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO PARCO building.

Shin-Tokorozawa Parco will be closing on February 29th, bringing an end to its 40-year history!
The finale will be a special POPUP displayed by Machikado Gallery, and although it will be limited to this POPUP, we
have prepared special limited products and special measures.

■Shintokorozawa Parco x Gyoza Manchuria's first and last collaboration!

1. W anniversary collaboration goods sales

“Machikado Gallery” has produced a collaboration product between “Shin-Tokorozawa Parco”, which will close in February 2024 after its 40th anniversary, and “Gyoza no Manchu”, which was founded in Shin-Tokorozawa and will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2024!

W anniversary key chain 1,600 yen
W anniversary glass 1,800 yen

Both are extremely rare items with a limited edition of 80 pieces each.
Sales will be limited to Shin-Tokorozawa Parco Machikado Gallery POPUP Shop and will start selling from February 17th!
This item is sure to sell out!

2.W anniversary commemorative sticker present

Customers who purchase products at Shin-Tokorozawa Parco or Machikado Gallery on the day will receive a W anniversary commemorative sticker!

Collaboration goods and stickers will end once they are gone.
We will also be selling collaboration products with Machikado Gallery's popular " Gyoza no Manchuria ", so please come and visit us.

We look forward to welcoming everyone.

■Machikado Gallery POPUP shop
Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO PARCO Building 1F/Entrance
(1F, PARCO building, 1-2-1 Midoricho, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1111)
Date: 2/17 (Sat) - 2/29 (Thu)
Business hours: 10:00-20:00