MYUUA 's new series in Asia is finally on sale!

First up is the Taiwan series.
In addition to the Day Off Tote Taiwan, there are a total of three new products in the new Taiwan series. We use embroidery to express the local food and atmosphere of Taiwan.

Click here for Taiwan series

In addition , we have added a voluminous new product group with the addition of the maniac `` Macau restaurant neon sign tissue pouch '' and ``Hong Kong pawnshop neon sign pouch ''.

In addition, the ` `MARKET TOTE series'' eco-bags made of wrinkled material are also available as ``a plastic bag series from overseas that cannot be thrown away''.
When you take your items home from a store or restaurant overseas, you may be able to have them put your items in a very cute plastic bag.

Finally, Wrappack's new bag " Wrappack BAG " is also available.
This bag was created with the image of luggage wrapped in bubble wrap that arrived from overseas.

A new material sandwiched between air packing and PVC fabric.
The gap between the handle made of tanned leather and the clear texture of the body is perfect for people with high sensitivity.

It will be unveiled at the MYUUA POPUP shop on Stage 3 on the 3rd floor of Hakata Hankyu, which will be held from January 17th (Wednesday) to January 23rd (Tuesday) .

Please come and visit us.
All the staff are looking forward to seeing you.