The POPUP shop at Machikado Gallery , located in the event space in front of the south exit ticket gate of JR Ikebukuro Station, is open from November 8, 2022 (Tuesday) to November 22, 2022 (Tuesday), and is becoming very popular.

In particular, the Manchurian gyoza items are very popular and are currently out of stock.We apologize for the inconvenience to everyone who was looking forward to this item.
I sincerely apologize.

We are currently baking (manufacturing) Gyoza pouches.
The At On 50 online shop has switched to selling Gyoza Manchuria items to made-to-order sales.
We are currently preparing to ship the items one by one, so please make your reservations here.

Click here for Gyoza Manchurian items

With the exception of some items, we plan to ship them around early January, and we will ship them as soon as they are completed.

Thank you very much.