MYUUA began as a pouch brand that expresses the world's cultures and the emotions associated with them through embroidery.

This season, MYUUA's first apparel lineup has been released, including DAY OFF TOTE, which was developed as a bag that you want to use on holidays.

This apparel line is designed with the intention of creating relaxing wear for holidays that suits you, but also with the hope that you can spend your daily life as if you were traveling.

In the "DAY OFF TOTE" series, which was developed as a bag to be used on holidays, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, and Singapore have been newly added, and the graphics seem to be based on the theme of MYUUA's specialty, world cuisine. It is an embroidery expression that was not previously used. Although the material is made of sturdy canvas, it has a nice texture that is neither too thin nor too hard, and the size is not too large and has enough capacity for a day's activities. Make it a colorful and fun holiday companion.

In the 2023 SS collection LOOK , MYUUA 's concept of ``a lustrous soul'' is expressed with flowers arranged by flower stylist Hana Thief, and model and actress Serina Mottola creates a hollow and comfortable worldview similar to `` Daydream.'' It was expressed by Mr.

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